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Sonic Application & Careers 2021

Sonic (not the hedgehog) is a drive-in fast food place. But given how popular it is throughout the United States, you probably already knew that. I just wonder if anyone has ever gotten confused and made a fanfiction about the fast food place. But what would they write about? Incredibly delicious food or amazing service? Probably both. 

Sonic is a place where the food comes to you. No need to leave your car, no need to find a seat, you just bring your own. Honestly the best thing about Sonic is its unique form of service. And if you have ever wondered what goes behind the scenes, well now is your chance to find out.

Sonic Jobs

Employees like working at the drive in because it promotes innovation, collaboration, and most of all great food. Because of the quality Sonic the Drive-In is a really fast-paced place to work, as you might have guessed. However, the management is really supportive and understanding. And that shows with the quality of work. But honestly what would you expect from a fast food joint that teaches you to move at the speed of sound.At the drive-in there is a lot of room to grow. In fact, management promotes that very idea. If you go and ask one of the Sonic managers where they started, most of them will say as a Cook or a Carhop at this very company. If you put in the work early on, you could see yourself as a Crew Leader before you know it. And that’s what’s so great about this place. Unless you’re like me and your clumsiness is on a galactic scale you can advance within a year or two.  So go out there, try out for the starter jobs Cook or Carhoper and see what happens — Please note: The position does not actually require you to hop on cars.

Hiring Requirements

Wait! I know you really want to work here, but first make sure you are at least 16 years old. Also you can only apply for jobs at Sonic if you are a legal citizen of the United States. Or you know, a citizen of the country where you are applying from. Honestly given the nature of the job and the minimum age requirement it seems like the perfect place for a summer gig.
Now if you would like to apply online then you will have to tell them your ZIP code, gender and ethnicity — The ZIP code I understand, however, if you ask me the fact that they also want your gender and ethnicity is a bit much. The aim is of course to be more inclusive, but these requirements may make some of us feel a bit uncomfortable. It shouldn’t matter whether you are a trans African American or a straight white male. Personally I believe these legislations need to change. For now however, if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing this information then you can simply hand in a printed PDF application to the branch you want to apply to.  Other than that, they also need to fill out some more reasonable information. Such as your educational and employment history as well as professional references and anything else you would like to disclose. Oh, one more thing. For the interview you will have to bring an ID, Social Security Card, Drivers License and Resume if you have one. But more on that a bit later.

Sonic Application & Careers 2021

Does Sonic Offer Benefits?

Well, I am going to be completely honest with you. When it comes to benefits, Sonic is not the best around. While the company does offer a variety of healthcare benefits they are not the best. What’s more, different positions might have different benefit packages. But in general every position has the perks below. Sadly free Sonic cosplay is not one of them — well, actually they do have uniforms, so in a way…

  • Health-Care: This includes medical, dental and vision. Either fighting evil or cooking food, every hero needs to stay healthy.
  • Life Insurance: Every employee has life insurance, which is really important when you are moving at Sonic speed.
  • 401 (k): Of course you also have your retirement benefits. For the days when you become so old that they don’t want you anymore. And then what’s left? A whole life of work and now you simply watch the pigeons, unsure of where to go. Sorry didn’t mean to get all existential.
  • Scholarship: Moving on. If you have worked for Sonic for a while then you could apply to their scholarship program. Successful applicants may be awarded anywhere from $300 to $2,000 per academic year. So yeah, that’s good.

Careers At Sonic

Sonic has a great reputation for growing careers. The community around it was built on hard work and they reward that whenever they see it. Most managers even started as a Cook or a Carhop. So if you want to work for the super fast drive-in then you quite possibly will start as a Crew Member. Once you have mastered that skill tree you will evolve to a Crew Leader, where you will help your fellow employees. After that is Shift Manager and from there you go to Assistant General Manager and eventually a General Manager. Not only will you command an army but you will also manage one. But there is still room to grow, from the General Manager you can become a Multi-Unit leader and from there own your own Sonic franchise.

Personally I think it’s a missed opportunity that Sonic the hedgehog and Sonic the Drive-In have not collaborated. Or maybe they have and I just missed it. But here is an idea for you. If you become a Sonic franchise owner maybe you can do that. I mean who wouldn’t want to eat in the fastest fast food restaurant while being served by the fastest blue hedgehog.

Sonic Manager

The Sonic store manager is responsible for the entirety of the team working there. You might even say they have the whole store on their shoulders. Which I am not sure how they manage to do, since buildings tend to be pretty heavy. But the store manager also has to look out for the profit the drive-in generates. In general they have to provide good leadership to the crew and be understanding. The whole environment is based on them really.

Sonic Manager Salary: $54,807 /year

Sonic Assistant Manager

The Sonic assistant store manager is almost like the sidekick character. They are the right hand person and help with both hiring and training new recruits. I don’t know why but I imagine the assistant store manager as this quirky and bubbly person. They have to communicate with both the manager and the staff more frequently than anybody else.

Sonic Assistant Manager Salary: $32,500 /year

Sonic Shift Leader

As you climb the corporate ladder the nature of your responsibilities change. The shift leader is the first step in that change. As a shift leader you will work closer with the managerial team. You will also be creating schedules, handling cash and dealing with no shows. Because there are always no shows.

Sonic Shift Leader Salary: $11 /hour

Sonic Crew Member

I would consider Crew Members the heart of any establishment. They are the most numerous and are the first and last faces that a guest sees. A Crew Member should always be kind and understanding to both customers and their colleagues. They should also try to provide a pleasant experience to everyone who enters the business. Of course you don’t have to be a people person, but it will certainly be better for your soul if you try.

Sonic Crew Member Salary: $10 /hour

Sonic Application 2021

Sonic Application 2021

Now, that’s all well and good. But how does one apply for a position at Sonic? Well, there are a couple of ways. Whether you want to cook delicious food or hop from car to car you will need to download the Sonic application form and fill it out — it’s in a PDF format. After that you can hand it in person, just bring the application and your charming smile. Also remember to put the form in a plastic pocket so it won’t wrinkle. Now you might think that a fancy envelope will do a better job at standing out and while that is the case…Actually you know what? I can’t think of a reason not to do that. 

The envelope will stand out among the crowd of job applications and the employers will probably think it’s funny or at the very least interesting. I know I would be impressed by someone who puts their Sonic job application in a red envelope with a wax seal. 

But let’s be honest, that’s a lot of work. Instead you can simply make a profile on the company’s website and apply for your dream job. Personally I prefer the Skating Carhop position because that sounds awesome. All you have to do then is fill-out the Sonic online application and you are good to go. 

You will have to put down random stuff like your name and email. This is also where they will ask you for your ethnicity and gender, which we discussed previously.

Do You Need A Resume For Sonic?

Do you need a resume for Sonic? No. Should you still make one? Possibly. Imagine this. You are a blue hedgehog manager looking through the many many applications you get each day. You see two applicants that stand out, let’s call them Shadow and Amy — just random names I thought of on the spot. Both have similar capabilities and both would make great additions to your team. But you have the capability to hire only one of them. What do you do? 

Well I can tell you what I would do. Compare them side by side, when I do this I notice that Shadow has a resume and Amy doesn’t. I say to myself “Gee, this Shadow dude seems more professional. I should hire him.” And that folks is how you stand out. Or if you still don’t want to bother making a resume you can simply use your LinkedIn profile. That also works just as well. But remember that even if you are young and you think there is nothing you can put on your resume, having one is still better than having not.

Manager Resume Template

1. Manager Resume Template

Put all of your previous manager experience on the table. I am not talking about work alone. Maybe you were the leader of a club in high-school, maybe you ran a D&D campaign. No matter the activity it helps grow your leadership skills and this template is perfect to put them on display.

Cashier Resume Template

2. Cashier Resume Template

This is a pretty straightforward resume template. It almost looks like a timeline of your career and education path. Just put all the relevant information in the bullet points and watch as everyone gasps in amazement at your professionalism.

Customer Service Resume Template

3. Customer Service Resume Template

The customer service resume template is a bit more chaotic. You have room for a lot of extracurricular activities that you may have done. Such as volunteering or performing. Generally anything that has to do with talking to people will look good on your resume.

Sonic Interview

Now that you have made an awesome application and have been invited to the interview. It’s time to actually answer the question “how to get a job at Sonic?”. 

Well for starters remember to breathe. An interview is a stressful process, but there are ways to make it less so. Here is a tip from my grandma, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed or anxious, drink some water. Another great tip is don’t worry about coming across as anxious, just be yourself, especially if you are young. Afterall teenagers are anxious by design, but even if you are in your twenties you can use that to your advantage. How you may ask? Well for starters the interviewer will notice if you are faking confidence and nobody likes that. On the other hand if you are yourself and even if that self is a little jittery you will come across as more authentic and people love that.

Another thing that will help you alleviate a bit of the tension is if you crack a joke or two. I remember when I was interviewing for my first job I managed to sneak in a quick gag and they weren’t my best but both interviewers laughed. Whether it was polite laughter or genuine, the result was the same, it broke the ice and made us all feel a bit more comfortable and everything went by smoothly. I also got the job! Not just because of my quick wit but it certainly helped me feel more confident.

If you find yourself unable to think of a good joke, however, then maybe you could mention some fun facts.

Here are some that i thought were interesting:

  • Sonic was originally just a root beer stand.
  • Sonic could have been called Top Hat instead.
  • Sonic and Dr. Pepper team up to host an annual Carhop competition.
  • Canada is south of Detroit (this isn’t a fact about Sonic but it will get your interviewers checking google maps on their phones, and maybe some light banter)

Now, I hear you, I hear you. You want to know how to present yourself. Well while it’s important to be yourself it’s also important to make a good first impression. It’s a difficult balance to find, some people are more natural at it while others require practise. For the interview you should dress in a more business casual style, but you should wear clothes that are also comfortable to you. A good perfume will also go a long way. While most genialny good fragrances are on the expensive side of things there are some budget options such as Insomnia that are top quality.

But no matter how you dress and what perfume you use it won’t matter if you can’t nail the questions. The most dreaded and difficult part of the interview no matter where you go. I especially hate those evil curveball questions. But nevertheless I have been to a lot of interviews and I am here to help.

Sonic Interview Questions

Q: Why do you want to work at Sonic?

A: Probably one of the most common questions and the one they will most likely ask in the beginning. This question will set the tone for the rest of the interview so it’s really important that you nail it. Maybe you have a personal reason for working at Sonic. Share it! If not, you could mention that you love their culture and especially food. Or that you like their business model. Better yet research the company’s CSR (corporate social responsibilities) and if it’s something you’re passionate about, mention how you like the work they are doing.

Q: What are your top 3 strengths?

A: No matter how tempting it is, don’t go for the cliche answers such as “I’m a hard worker.” Everyone has heard that before and no one will take you seriously. Instead think of something more personal. Look deep and tell them what you like about yourself. And if you can’t find anything you like about yourself then ask your Mom, she should know.

Q: What are your top 3 weaknesses?

A: Now, if you think that the cliche answer of the previous question is bad. You should never and I mean NEVER answer this one with something like “I am a workaholic.” That’s not a bad answer, that’s just not an answer. If you say that I won’t be surprised if they throw you out the window. Instead try to answer more honestly. Give them a real weakness that you have, however, make sure that it’s not related to the job description or if it is, mention how you are working on making it a strength.

Q: Why should we hire you?

A: Honestly I hate this question. But a good answer would be to go over your education, experience or even passion for the company and the good job they do. Explain how you will fit in with the team, tell them about the amazing work you will do and the care with which you will do it. You have to make sure that you are the best choice for them.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Trust me, no manager wants to hear that their company is just a short-term gig. But even if it is for you, there is no need to lie either. Simply mention that you see yourself in an elevated position. Or that you plan on moving up in the world. Make it seem like you will be building a future with the company, while not actually stating that.

Q: Tell me about a time when you had to lead a team. What was your biggest success factor?

A: Here is where you dig into your memory bank. Think of an example, it doesn’t have to be work related. It could be a group project you lead or a team in high-school. Maybe you were president of the Anime club, anything will do. Just make sure to make it seem more professional than it actually is.

Q: What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing?

A: Now this, this question is where you will need to be quick and decisive. It’s important to show your employer that you will be and are loyal. Out there on the streets snitches get stitches. But over here where the food is near, snitches get a good pat on the back and possibly a bonus. So explain to the interviewer that you will report the theft to HR or your manager.

Q: How important is cleanliness to you?

A: I mean who doesn’t like a clean working place? Explain to the manager that this is an important issue to you and that you will keep your workstation nice and spotless.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: Now the best way to answer this question is if you touch on hobbies that are related to the job itself. For example if you are applying for a Cook then mention how you enjoy trying out new recipes in your free time. You can also answer with other hobbies if you can’t think of anything that suits you and the job, but that won’t be as impactful.

Q: Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.

A: Well, here is where things start to get a little more personal. The sense will be unique to you so think about how much you will give yourself. A general rule of thumb will be to try and avoid the higher numbers such as 9 or 10 as well as the lower ones like 1 through 4. That leaves us with 5, 6, 7 and 8. If you are more confident than 7 or 8 would be a good answer. If you are like me and a nervous wreck most of the time then 5 and 6 would be a good answer.

Q: Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

A: Many will argue that honesty is not the best policy. But I believe it is. What are your thoughts on the matter? Give the interviewer your honest opinion and examples that come along with it.

Q: How do you handle stress?

A: Whether you are a Cook or a Carhoper the job can get a bit stressful. That’s why the interviewer is looking for someone who can perform under pressure — and I am not talking about the Queen song, although that would be impressive. Give a real life example of a time you have handled stress well.

What Happens After The Interview?

Well obviously you will get hired, because who can resist that charming smile. As long as you don’t go to the interview dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead try the business casual approach. Also remember to be yourself.

If you have answered all the questions correctly then you would expect a call back within a week. They still have a lot of other applicants to go through so don’t get discouraged if they don’t call you back immediately.

But maybe they already did. Maybe you have been working there for decades. I would like to know about your experience. And if you are a franchise owner, how do you feel about a Sonic – Sonic partnership?

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