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Let me try and show you why working at a fast-food company isn’t so bad – it’s a tough task, I know, but I’ll give it an old college try. You probably know that Arby’s has been a favourite for grabbing juicy beef meals since the 60’s (I’m sure you have had one yourself at some point), and for the company to last so long, there must be a good reason.

Back then it was plainly known as RB’s which, by the way, doesn’t stand for Roast Beef – those are the initials of Rafael Brothers, the founders of the fast-food chain company. They’re famous for their highly stacked fresh roast beef sandwiches amongst other delicious specialty sandwiches.

Arby’s Jobs

If you’re looking for a head start in your Arby’s career, getting familiar with the company culture and environment of the place you’ll be working at is important. Here’s what to expect – Arby’s is a customer-oriented brand, so working there means you’re expected to be bubbly, excited, and polite. As you might imagine, this working environment is not for the weary – you would be on your feet during the shift, cleaning and looking after customers, assisting other members of staff, keeping on top of food standards, and contributing to the pleasant atmosphere any way you can.

Hiring Requirements

The hiring age is pretty low, so if you’re young and want to make some money on the side, you have to be just 15 years old to apply for a Crew Member position at Arby’s. If you are 16 years old you can apply for hourly work as Arby’s Shift Manager, which is very trusting of Arby’s!. Arby’s does not require a drug test (in case you were wondering) unless you’re applying for a Management position. They don’t typically require a resume for entry-level jobs but I would highly recommend you to write one up – it’s always a bonus if you have one prepared.

Does Arby’s Offer Benefits?

Yes! Arby’s doesn’t shy away from offering some great incentives:

  • Free lunch: Available for all team members
  • Free drinks: Available for all team members
  • Flexible Shifts: Available for part-time staff
  • Weekly Pay: Available for part-time staff and crew members
  • Holidays off: Available for crew members only

Tips: Available for crew members only

Careers At Arby’s

Maybe you want to move up the ladder or you have the right experience to join Arby’s as something more than just a team member. In case you’re wondering about job positions and responsibilities, here is a short summary of what a career trajectory at Arby’s would look like:

Arby’s Manager

An Arby’s Manager is in charge of daily operations and labor during their shift. Their duties include analyzing sales reports, weekly supply, stock orders, creating work schedules, and delegating responsibilities across crew members. Managers will also have to maintain communication with corporate officers and undergo additional training.

Arby’s Manager Salary: $10.43 per hour

Arby’s Assistant Manager

Arby’s Assistant to the store manager supports the General Manager in efficiently generating sales and profit growth. Arby’s Assistant Managers must use their leadership skills to motivate and get the best out of the restaurant employees.

Arby’s Assistant Manager Salary: $10.23 per hour

Arby’s Crew Member

As an Arby’s Crew Member you’ll be dealing with front of house interactions, such as taking customer’s orders, preparing food orders, and keeping food and dining areas clean and up to standard. Arby’s Crew Members should be responsible, driven, and hard-working.

Arby’s Crew Member Salary: $10 per hour

Arby’s Application 2021

You can easily apply for any available jobs on the Arby’s website. Depending on the job position you’re interested in, you might need a resume along with your Arby’s online application. You do have to make an account to apply for an open position using your email but it only takes a few minutes so nothing to worry about.

In case you’re motivated and want to upload a resume, I have gathered some super useful free templates you can easily update with your personal information and experience. I know writing a convincing resume can be hard, so you need all the help you can get.

Do You Need A Resume For Arby’s?

Well, it depends. You could get away without uploading anything, but think for a second about all the candidates that will have a resume (and probably the same experience you have). If you’re applying for a Crew Member position, you’ll only have to submit the Arby’s online application form. Of course, if you’d like your submission to stand out and you have some previous working/volunteering experience, adding that to a nicely-formatted resume will be a great benefit to add to your application.

When to absolutely upload a CV? Basically, if you’re applying for a position above a Crew Member, such as Assistant Manager or General Manager, a resume is a must. Showcase your previous work experience and prove that you are the perfect fit for the job. Look at Arby’s key requirements and try to “defend” them in your resume and application. Don’t go overboard, though. Save the most interesting facts and details for the interview!

Arby’s Crew Member Resume Template

1. Arby’s Crew Member Resume Template

If you want to make your resume stand out, think about the most important qualities required for the job. An Arby’s crew member will be a good teammate, will have great initiative, and will stay on top of tasks. In what way can you exemplify that in your resume? Perhaps there were volunteer jobs in the past that required you to have these skills? Don’t be afraid to add them to your resume.

Arby’s Assistant Manager Resume Template

2. Arby’s Assistant Manager Resume Template

For the Arby’s Assistant Manager position make sure to include all of the above-mentioned qualities, topped with a few essentials for managers. A good manager has great leadership skills. They are vigilant, but also kind-hearted and understanding. Were there situations in the past where you have managed to show your leadership skills in a positive way? Even an extracurricular activity at university can be a good example.

Arby’s Manager Resume Template

3. Arby’s Manager Resume Template

Arby’s Managers have excellent organizational skills, they’re good orators, and know how to use tact when communicating with employees. A good manager has awareness of their business and what it needs to do. They also don’t shy away from talking to corporate people. The most important skills you need to back up are organization, leadership, and responsibility. Don’t forget – what you lack in training you can make up for in people skills!

Arby’s Interview

Interviews used to terrify me back in the day. Not everyone is naturally confident when it comes to interviews and meeting someone new. However, if you follow these steps, you will certainly leave a good impression on your interviewer: 

  • Try to show up early to your interview – you never know what might happen. Sure, you’ve Googled the location, know your commute there, or maybe you’ve even visited the restaurant before. But have you taken into account a potential traffic jam? Any transport issues that may occur? The number of stairs you have to walk running late for your chat? Always leave spare time for any unpredictable events. You know what Murphy’s law is, right?
  • First impressions are everything – make sure you’re wearing clean clothes and shoes – no stains and no smelly outfits. If you’re a smoker, try not to chain smoke before the interview. Know that some employees will take that as a huge con – smokers tend to demand longer breaks, don’t really work well under pressure, and should be careful around food as they might contaminate it.
  • Make sure you’re wearing a semi-professional outfit. You can put on a shirt and trousers, definitely something you’re comfortable in, and try not to go overboard – wearing a suit when applying for a fast-food job will award you some funny looks by other members of staff, or worse – your future boss. Don’t wear too much makeup either – looking your best self is important, but showing up like you’re ready to go clubbing won’t win you any bonus points. Same goes for the guys – does that beard need trimming? Any nose hairs poking out? Make sure to look your best – why not treat yourself to a haircut even?
  • Smile and be optimistic – the job you’re applying for will require you to be welcoming and well-mannered anyway, so why not show the hiring managers that you’re capable of doing that from the start?
  • Bring any necessary documents with you on the day of the interview. Your interviewer might need a copy of your ID card if you get the job on the spot. Sometimes, having a printed hard copy of your CV or resume can also come in handy. Your interviewer will definitely have a printer at work, but if they’ve had a busy day, they might have missed the opportunity of printing it. So carrying one with you won’t hurt!
  • Usually, at the end of professional interviews, you’ll get a chance to ask questions to your interviewer. It’s a good idea to prepare some, especially when it comes to wages, shift flexibility, future dress code, break, etc. It also makes you look keen and prepared from start to finish.

Here are some Arby’s fun facts to help you land the job:

  • There’s no one named Arby – we already gave you this fun fact at the beginning of our guide!
  • The world’s largest curly fry was found at an Arby’s in Waynesville, NC – a whole 38 inches long!!
  • Arby’s was the first fast-food chain to ban smoking in all its restaurants.

If you’re wondering how to get a job at Arby’s, try to sneak these into your conversation during the interview – it will show you have done some research and that you care about the job and company. Speaking of interview questions, here’s a cheat sheet that will prepare you for your interview and give you some reasonable answers to commonly asked questions.

Arby’s Interview Questions

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: This is the one question every hiring manager will have for you. For first-time interview attendees this could be a dreaded question, because it requires you to talk about yourself without interruption. Make sure you talk about things that make you stand out: are you working on getting a degree at the moment? What are your passions? Mention things that will give your interviewer a positive impression. Try to be bubbly, positive, and don’t forget to smile. You can ask questions as well – you’re not talking to an AI, after all. A polite “How are you?” or “Have you had a busy day?” can show how considerate you are.

Q: Why do you want to work at Arby’s?

A: Honesty is the best policy – it’s important to make sure your employer is familiar with your situation. Are you looking for a part-time gig while you’re in uni? Do you want to get some experience so you can have a solid foundation for bigger, more important leadership positions? It’s obvious you’re there because you want the money, but what else is there? You can say something along these lines:

“I’d like to work for Arby’s because I am looking for a flexible part-time job parallel to my degree. This job will also give me a chance to learn some leadership and people skills.”

Q: What are your top 3 strengths?

A: Now it’s the time to showcase your confidence. Or, if you really can’t think of anything, simplify things. You can even say:

 “I’ve been to Arby’s so many times – I absolutely love the food here. I know the menu by heart, and I always give great recommendations to my friends.” 

Or you can go with something more personal. For instance, if you’ve worked in a fast-food restaurant before, you can use that previous experience and list some strengths you know will be valuable here. For example: 

“I am a social, high-spirited person and I believe I can make customers feel at home. I also work well under pressure. I am a quick learner, so learning a menu off by heart won’t be difficult for me! I’m also a foodie so all my recommendations will be from personal experience.” 

Even if you have no prior hospitality experience, you can still use or modify these answers to best fit your personality.

Q: What are your top 3 weaknesses?

A: None of those “my strength is my weakness” types of replies – we’ve heard them all! Knowing your weaknesses is good – it means you have identified them and you can start working on them. How can a job at Arby’s help you improve yourself? For example, you can explain that you want to improve your people skills, and being among strangers and customers will be a good way of doing that. You can also say this job will teach you determination and consistency – two skills you’ve wanted to master for a while now.

Q: Why should we hire you?

A: Maybe you can contribute to the workplace somehow? Think of a unique standpoint. Are you going to be the youngest member of staff there? That’s great – you can relate to younger customers and give fresh ideas to your boss. If you’re not the youngest person there and you don’t have much experience, explain that you’re willing to learn, how you have had a detailed look at the job role. You’re confident you’re the right candidate and can manage new responsibilities with ease.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Once again, this is hugely dependent on the individual – surely you don’t see yourself working at a fast food restaurant in five years. If, however, you’re taking on this job parallel to your uni degree, you can easily talk about your aspirations and career goals. Just make sure you tell the hiring manager that you’d like to stick around for longer than six months if you enjoy the job. Most employers will be glad to hear that. Besides, it won’t look good on your resume if you change careers too often, right?

Q: How do you handle stress or pressure?

A: Firstly, you need to understand why your interviewer is asking this question. The mere presence of this question signals that you’re headed towards a fast-paced job and the possibility of running into stressful scenarios is high. 

Make a list of soft skills you consider helpful in a stressful situation. Add context to these skills and give impactful examples of other situations where you have managed to respond well to stress. Maybe you learned some breathing techniques that help you deal with stress? Or you simply aren’t phased by it (some people, which to me are like mythical creatures, are just like that). Remember a job is a job and it’s not worth overstressing just because someone is having a bad day.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Don’t panic! This question is far more existential on the surface than it actually is. Usually, the interviewer wants to make sure you’re excited about the position you’re applying for. Think back on situations that excited you in your previous job. If you don’t have other work experience, draw your inspiration from other events in your life. Are you good at working in a team? Perhaps working with others is what really motivates you. If you’re honest, which I highly recommend, your enthusiasm will be palpable!

Q: What should we know that’s not on your resume?

A: One of the most useful questions you could get asked, especially if you have a lot of past experience. Perhaps there’s something you wanted to share with your interviewer that’s not on your CV? This question basically serves as a green light during interviews – it means they probably looked at your resume and think you could be a good fit for the team, so they want to know more about you. Think of a story, skill, or trait that can reveal more about your personality. Now it might be a great time to mention that forgotten high school internship at the local news station.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to ask about the job?

A: I already spoke about this a little bit before, but there are several things that can make you stand out even when it comes to asking questions to your interviewer. Being straightforward in this section can give you bonus points because it really means you see yourself as part of this company. Asking them any of these questions will let them know you care. Not to mention that they can also better prepare you for your first shift:

“How are my first 30or so days in the company going to look like?” 

Your potential boss or interviewer wants to hire someone who’s done their research. Taking initiative is a huge plus to any employee, so don’t be afraid to dig in for some fresh information.

“Is there a specific dress code or uniform I’ll be asked to wear?” 

Being prepared for your first day is important. Discussing dress code and uniform shows you’re keen on working there and you’re under the impression the interview is going well.

“Do you provide training?”

Another great way to show your dedication. Only people serious about their jobs and positive work performance are going to ask about training even before they have started. It’s a good way to show you are thoughtful and you care.

“What do you love most about the job?”

Another great way to add a twist to your questions. Here your interviewer’s opinion of the workplace is perhaps the most important bit of information you’ll get.

Q: When can you start?

A: Congratulations! If you hear this question it typically means you’ve got the job! Now that you’ve achieved your goal, focus on setting realistic expectations for yourself and your boss. You might be tempted to say “immediately” but is that really true? If you’re ready and you’re unemployed – go ahead. That might not always be the case, though. Sometimes you might be in the process of switching jobs and you’ll need to give a notice to your current employer. Make sure you communicate all that with your future boss.

In other cases you might want to take a little break between jobs – whether it’s a couple of days or the weekend, you can just say you have some “previously scheduled commitments to attend to.” Don’t go overboard, though – you don’t want to lose your position over someone who just happened to be there. Additionally, try to be flexible if your boss really needs someone a bit sooner.

What Happens After The Interview?

Great news – you’ve landed the job and you’re no longer asking yourself how to get a job at Arby’s. Now comes the biggest mystery – what happens after the interview? For hospitality jobs, it means you’ll probably be given a trial shift in the next few days. Make sure to double-check if you’re getting paid for it – you should be by law. Don’t expect an excruciatingly long shift – you’ll probably be around for one to four hours unless explicitly stated. And most of all – remember you might be put on a busy shift for the first time. Why? Because managers want to see how well you work under pressure. Be prepared for it! Show up on time, well-rested, and dressed accordingly. Once you go through your trial shift you’ll know for sure if you’re hired for the job! 

Tell us about your experience! Have you worked at Arby’s? What are interviews like? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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