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Let’s get straight to the point.

I know what you need.

I’m well aware of the guest posting game aimed at securing backlinks, and I’m not interested in playing that game. I don’t want some low-quality content on my blog just to make a quick dollar.

I will accept your guest post, but only if it meets my requirements.

And yes, there is an admin fee associated with posting your article. My time is not free, after all.

Content Guidelines:

  • Content related to teen job search, teen career development and related topics such as resume building, job searching, and career guidance.
  • Unique, informative and educational content.
  • Human written (not AI).
  • 900+ words.
  • Brand, generic, partial match, or naked (URL) anchors only. Exact match commercial anchors will not be accepted. Your link (and anchor!) must be useful to my readers.
  • I do not accept content or links related to gambling/casino, porn/adult material, CBD/cannabis/Kratom/vape, or essay writing.

Collaboration Benefits:

  • The articles will remain posted, permanently as long as my website stays active.
  • Authority links might be added to your content.
  • Articles will be placed in a relevant category that can be located from the homepage.
  • The articles will be posted on the main domain.
  • My links are do-follow.
  • Your articles won’t be tagged as “sponsored” or “guest post”.
  • I typically publish all articles within 72 hours.

Email me:

For more information, please contact me at corcoran {at} jobstart101.org. I’m happy to provide detailed pricing and discuss how we can work together to promote your content effectively.

I am looking forward to seeing your articles published on my blog.

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