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McDonald's Application

McDonald’s Careers & Applications

According to Jeff Bezos and P!nk, working at McDonald’s “played a big role in who they are today.” Whether they have learned a lot about working in teams, not giving up on their dreams, or coming up with inventive solutions, they all see McDonald’s as a good place to start gaining significant working experience.
Wendy's application

Wendy’s Careers & Applications

Besides these delicious things you can find on their menu, Wendy’s restaurants are famous for being a place where every employee is equally respected and encouraged to excel in every possible way. If you want to become a part of this supportive family and gain considerable work experience while still in high school or college, look no further!
American eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Careers & Applications

When you start working at American Eagle Outfitters, you will become a part of a close-knitted group of employers who can easily become great friends and work in a relaxed yet supportive atmosphere. American Eagle may be a perfect opportunity for high school or college students to go through the company’s excellent training program and gain valuable experience in customer service and retail.
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