Jooble recommends the best summer jobs for teenagers


Summer is the best time to look for a job. This is especially good for teenagers. This type of employment involves part-time work. It can also be combined with the educational process. During the summer holidays, you do not have to:

  • go to classes;
  • attend sports or other extra activities. 
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During this period of the year, teenagers have a lot of free time. Many may want to do something useful that will earn them good money. Unsurprisingly, most teenagers will want to find a summer job. Not only will it bring in money, but it will also provide invaluable experience. 

Especially for you, we have studied the available summer jobs for teenagers on Jooble and selected the best offers. Among them, there is sure to be an optimal option:

  • in terms of pay;
  • type of employment. 

Why teens should find a summer job

Employment of a teenager in the summer boasts several advantages:

  • Improved financial situation – children have their own pocket money;
  • You can structure your time while significantly reducing the likelihood of sitting aimlessly at a smartphone or computer;
  • The teenager learns how to benefit other people;
  • Summer work gives the teenager an idea of where they might want to work in the future;
  • Practicing financial literacy.

If you want to develop responsibility and earn your own money, it is definitely worth getting acquainted with the modern labor market. Virtual job boards, such as Jooble, are most often studied in this case.

The best jobs for teenagers for the summer, according to Jooble

All children aged 13 and older can work. The law allows it. But the work must not have health or safety risks. Jooble recommends paying attention to the following jobs:

Dog walker

It’s a good option for a teenager who loves animals. You should also be prepared for the fact that dogs wake up early. That said, taking on several animals in your own care is possible. Dog walkers may be required by busy people or those going on holiday. Animal walkers may be required:

  • early in the morning;
  • in the evenings.

Puppies require more frequent walks.


If you get along well with small children, babysitting will not be stressful. If you have nephews, brothers or sisters, this will serve as work experience. You can sit with the children of neighbors, relatives or acquaintances. Babysitting develops:

  • responsibility;
  • communication skills.

Sitting with children in the evenings while parents are away at work is possible. Also, some parents may only need a babysitter for one time.

Promotional leaflet distributor

Job duties for a teenager:

  • Putting up adverts on poles;
  • Handing out leaflets in crowded places and others.

Labour remuneration is paid hourly. Note that this is monotonous work. Therefore, a teenager requires patience. Working as a distributor of advertising leaflets means spending a lot of time under the scorching sun.


This summer job will have to perform the following tasks:

  • delivering parcels;
  • delivering letters to the addressees.

The courier should always be in motion, delivering mail from point A to point B. Such activity allows you to maintain excellent physical fitness and develop stamina. Also, a good option for work in the delivery field will be the distribution of newspapers. In this case, the schedule will be much more convenient – distributing newspapers is required in the morning. After that, the whole day is free.

Pool cleaner

In the summer, many people do not mind to bathe. However, only some have enough time to maintain the pool in proper condition. This position requires:

  • Clean the pool tank;
  • Pick up leaves and other debris from the water;
  • Treat the water in the pool;
  • Change filters, etc.

Cleaning the pool is often needed several times a week or even a month. Therefore, combining it with other types of employment of your choice is convenient. At the same time, no special qualifications are required to work with chemicals. Also with a hoover for cleaning the pool will be able to cope with everyone.

Car washer

If you are okay with getting clean, then the pool washer position is great for summer employment. To perform your duties well, it’s worth thinking about the necessary inventory:

  • Professional chemicals for washing car bodywork discs;
  • Cloth napkins for wiping vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces inside the cabin;
  • Body and interior polish;
  • Car hoover;
  • Tyre blackener, etc.

This is a physical job that requires constant movement. Therefore, it will be possible to keep fit. Over time, you will have your client base.

Gardener and lawn care specialist

In the summer, weeds grow quite actively, so many people may need a gardener. Job duties may include:

  • mowing lawns;
  • trimming bushes;
  • flower care;
  • watering;
  • removing weeds and others.

Lawn care is not required daily. If a gardener is required daily, then only a few hours a day will have to be devoted to this work. The rest of the time can be spent enjoyably.


If you are excellent in a subject, it is possible to earn money on this. For example, you can be a tutor in:

  • maths;
  • literature;
  • chemistry;
  • biology and other school subjects.

It is possible to teach a discipline to younger schoolchildren. Before you start tutoring, it does not hurt to refresh your knowledge in a particular discipline. It is possible to recruit several students. Tutors are paid by the hour and everything depends on the number of students and lessons. Not only can you host students at your place or go to them, but you can also teach lessons online.


If you get along well with children, you can be a nanny and entertain them on holidays as an animator. This specialist may be required at:

  • birthday parties;
  • exhibitions;
  • children’s parties and other events.

This is a wonderful job. It is quite safe and allows you to develop communication skills and work on artistic abilities. In addition, it is just great entertainment. But the offers on the labor market for the position of an animator are few.


The main tasks on this job are:

  • taking orders from visitors;
  • serving drinks and dishes;
  • calculation of the client.

Waiters are paid hourly. You can also count on tips from visitors. If you want to build a career in the restaurant business in the future, it is worth paying attention to the waiter position. 


In general, summer work will bring many advantages to a teenager: 

  • he will have pocket money;
  • he will become more responsible;
  • you will be able to work on time management.

At the same time, please pay attention to an interesting pattern: the younger the teenager’s age, the smaller the salary he should expect. At the same time, the older the teenager, the wider the choice of summer holiday jobs. For example, for 13-year-olds, there are jobs available in the form of:

  • dog walker;
  • babysitter;
  • car washer. 

At the same time, 16-year-olds can already apply for a position as a waiter in an establishment or barista.

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